• Kiln Dried vs Green Lumber ?

    November 5, 2010 by

    Kiln Dried vs Green Lumber ?

    As you may have thought there is a difference, but not only that, there is a huge value in the long run to have a controlled and regulated drying process instead of the alternatives. These alternatives which can include air-drying or completely voiding the process all together and installing green, wet cedar outside as a siding, or as a fence panels will yield different results every time.

    Being able to expect the same look or product in a years time when it has had a chance to be baked by the sun for months, or else soak up a ton of water from the rains that we get in our region is a farce. It will twist, warp, and split as the water wood see’s direct hot sunlight, or dry and then expand when the rains come. The moisture content of the wood you use will directly affect the usability and the end product, it will greatly increase or decrease the stain’s lifetime on said material. The more moisture content in said wood, the greater the dilution you will get in your applied stain taking away it’s potency and even voiding your warranty.

    To go with a cedar product that has been kiln dried to 11% moisture content still gives you the workability as cedar remains a softwood even when dry. In older homes I have renovated and worked on, it is quite hard to drive screw’s through old dry Douglas fir, but the opposite is true with old dry cedar. This kiln dried cedar may take a period to acclimatize with the outside air, or inside moisture levels respectively, but it will be a far better product to work with. It is generally a more uniform product and the workability with stains and paints is far greater as there is no moisture to speak, the grain of the wood is better suited to accept stains at this point rather than the wet alternative.

    You will loose some of the cedar’s natural “red” color when you kiln dry the stock, however the use of stains will generate your desired color back and often with the uniform tone difference that you want in a stained wood. I love working with kiln dried cedar, it’s extremely light which is great when working overhead with it.


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  • Sawmill Definitions A-Z

    November 4, 2010 by

    Ever wonder what a “cant” was, or need some great definitions relating to the sawmill industry then have a gander here at a very helpful glossary of sawmill terms from A-Z. Please feel free to add more that have been missed.

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  • Building a sauna with cedar?

    November 3, 2010 by

    Are you thinking of building a sauna with cedar? The reason I ask is I have just built my first and I found it to be quite the interesting project. The client first of all wanted his built underneath a sundeck, but above his two sumps that control wash for his pool and drain tile. Besides the structural part of the sauna and the frame, this sauna included some very fine components that were purchased at Scandia MFG. These included a gas powered sauna heater and a Scandia built door, complete with frame and glass. This company was great to work with and I would recommend going right to them with inquires about their products.

    The Sauna was completely finished with Clear Western Red Cedar, ceiling, heater guard, benches, floor, sidewalls, and door. Being outside and located in a north western climate I used an R-20 fiberglass insulation behind a very thin metal vapor barrier. The walls were then strapped and wires pulled for the thermostat control as well as the lights and timer unit.

    The inside like I mentioned before was completely clad in clear cedar, not one exception other than the frame did not get the cedar touch. I used all short pieces for a very random look with the complete product. There are a lot of tones from dark brown to light yellow, and of course no knots.

    I would love to give any advice to anyone thinking of building a sauna as I would like to do another for myself down the road if possible. It was very interesting to build one from scratch and I recommend it to anyone who wants the benefits of a sauna for themselves

  • Welcome To The Cedar Chat Blog

    November 3, 2010 by

    Welcome to Coastal Cedar Direct’s cedar chatting blog. Here you’ll find¬†relevant¬†information, design inspiration, and other general talk about cedar, forestry, sustainability and more.

    We are also introducing our Cedar Learning Center which will include “how to articles” and “do-it-yourself videos”. Please stay tuned. Feel free to comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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