Our Company profile is an interesting one! Coastal Cedar Direct was founded in 2010 by a pair of bright eyed and young-ish entrepreneurs who saw a demand for high quality forest products in the local building industry. The idea was to take very high quality forest products, normally destined for export, and offer them to North American builders, Architects, and Home Owners. We wanted to be another great option for people looking for Cedar. By using our website and materials procurement we were able to start with a pickup truck and grow in a steady fashion to now be able to ship very large amounts of wood anywhere they are required. What was happening at the same time?

A design trend for high quality wood use was taking place, That trend; more wood use on the exterior of homes. Since 2010 there has been a large increase of homes now using Western Red Cedar in accent areas, soffit areas and interior portions of buildings. Now Coastal Cedar ships finished materials all around the world to a multitude of projects both in commercial and residential sectors. We look forward to speaking with you about your project! Please see our Materials Quotation page and fill out our form or give us a call.

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Curtis Pel
Company Profile

During the restoration of a century-old home, I required a customized cedar product for soffit installation. As my regular supplier could not provide this service, I searched for an alternative source. Coastal Cedar Direct provided a superior customized product at an excellent price.  I have received numerous compliments on the installation and I would not hesitate to recommend  Coastal Cedar Direct to any of my clients

Marcelo Mota-Bossa Nova Construction

Hi Curtis… just wanted to provide you with some feedback on my recent order for 1,500 Sq Ft T&G Cedar for the interior of our new cottage. I do remember sending you an initial email inquiry (from Google results) on a Saturday and I was impressed that you responded promptly on the Monday – off to a good start. Contacting you and receiving speedy replies by email or phone was the norm throughout the entire process. I also know that before I took the leap of faith and placed this order with you – I inquired (@ the 11th hour) about the quality of the product and that I had some reservations placing an substantial online order with someone I did not know.  You assured me that Cedar would be of exceptional quality.  The order was placed. The delivery time-lines were as you indicated and shipping from BC to Edmonton was without incident. At present I am about halfway through the installation and I need to tell you that the wood you sent me is absolutely stunning.  The few visitors I have had in the past couple of weeks are in awe at the beauty of this cedar and that it is virtually knot free. While I like to buy local – placing the order through Coastal Cedar Direct was a big-time cost saver (less than half the cost – all in.)
Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the product and the service received from you.

David NordheimerEdmonton, AB, Canada

We just finished redoing our deck in Red Balau which we purchased through Coastal Cedar Direct.  In addition to the lumber we were also able to purchase through them all the oil, screws, jigs, etc, required to lay and finish the deck.  The service provided by Curtis and his team was fast and efficient, including arranging for the exchange of some boards that arrived with defects.  When we do our lower deck, Curtis will be getting a call.

TomSurrey, BC

We purchased shakes from Curtis at Coastal Cedar Direct  and were impressed with the quality and service!

Amrik VirkBC Liberal MLA, Surrey BC

My husband and I purchased cedar siding through Curtis for our home renovation project in October. We highly recommend Coastal Cedar Direct. They provided excellent products at very good pricing, and the service was outstanding. Excellent communication and follow-up. Keep up the good work, Curtis!

Margaret and DennisCoquitlam

I have been involved in residential and commercial construction for about 10 years here in Toronto Ontario. I am continually impressed with the professionalism and cooperation put forth by Curtis at Coastal Cedar Direct. I look forward to many more successful projects here at Upside Development, utilizing the fine wood materials supplied by Coastal Cedar Direct and Company.

Rambod NasrinUpside Development