cedar samplesCoastal Cedar Direct is a factory-direct distributor of high quality re-manufactured cedar, timber coatings and pre-fabricated products. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We offer western red cedar in a variety of dimensions and tongue and groove patterns, all priced at competitive factory direct rates. We supply cedar to projects both big and small. As well, we offer highly competitive delivery rates and local pick up, and volume discounts to building suppliers and contractors.

products-cedar-stack-pack-for-overseas-wholesale-deliveryWe specialize in producing customized, “A” grade re-manufactured cedar that is sure to separate your building projects from the rest. Many of our custom profiles aren’t found in North America and are shipped directly overseas. Utilizing our unique patterns and profiles is another way of differentiating your project.

We provide free consultation on material needs, design options and more. Please feel free to contact us. 604.813.2040

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Why Build With Cedar?


The Benefits of Using Cedar:

  • Architectural value.
  • Design value.
  • Wonderful spectrum of natural colours.
  • Versatile uses.
  • Easy finishing.
  • Natural preservative.
  • Distinctive aroma.
  • Acoustic insulation.

Natural Beauty

When left unfinished, cedar wood has a warm and richly-textured grain. The colors range from light honey to amber browns and every tone in between. Cedar updates cold and square architecture and warms it with reddish tones and a uniform, fine-grained texture.

Natural Characteristics and Applications

Cedar can be applied to almost every aspect of building as it is ideal for siding, saunas, decking, moulding, windows, doors, posts, beams, cladding, soffit, trims, wainscoting and much more.

Builders and finishers also select cedar for the workability of the fiber itself. Cedar does not contain natural pitch or resin in its grains and the wood easily accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains to solid coatings. Be sure to check our eco-friendly staining options when considering a coating for your cedar.

Cedar is frequently chosen due to the natural preservatives inside it that resist moisture and decay.

Cedar also repels the damage caused by naturally-occurring insects that find their way into structures.

One thing most commonly associated with cedar is the aroma that comes from the wood. This compound is toxic to decay-causing fungi and preserves the wood to give it long-lasting appeal.

The acoustic properties of cedar when used on walls and ceilings provide not only sound insulation, but R-value.

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