Why Our Cedar ?

Why Choose Coastal Cedar Direct? The Difference

low prices – better coverage per piece / cost savings – pre-finishing

Coastal Cedar Direct is North American sales force for Cedarland Forest Products. We supply the best old-growth clear western red cedar available.

The buying process is simple. You know what you want, or we recommend one of our products. We have a vision for our patterns on your house! Be it a contemporary design or an old heritage house, we can match a “look” you want.

We can have custom tongue and groove patterns and dimensions prepared to your specific needs making the possibilities virtually endless.

Some of the services and availabilities through Coastal Cedar Direct:

-European kiln drying.

-Matching new wood to existing profiles.

-Stain matching and brush-outs.

-Custom designed profiles for architects.

-Textured and non-standard finishes ie. combed, wire brush etc.

-Pre-Staining of wood fibre.

-Fire Treatment of wood fibre.

-Brokerage and Freight of materials – local and abroad.

-Site visit’s and consultations.

-Material take off’s from blue prints.

-High quality wood and service which means you stay happy for years to come.

and more….

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Why “our” cedar you ask? Because it shows.


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