Consultation Services

Design and Outline. Let us help you get this idea out of the ground. Wood is a wonderful product to use on the outside and the inside of your house. Where and how? Let us help.

Manufacturing Services

The ball is rolling. We have a pattern and a decision. Materials are either in stock, or they are being manufactured to suite. This means you get a new product off the production line for your project. Part of this process may also includes factory applied finishes. This time is also allocated to go over samples, finish type and specifications.

Quotation Services

Budget and Options.  You can send us your plans and we can determine the best coverage for your project. We can go over the fine details and deal with any architect specifications you may be dealing with. You may also want to have your building professional get into contact with us to discuss the different options available.

Clear Western Red Cedar Siding

Delivery and Installation Services

The fun part. The truck is booked, it’s on the road, materials are now heading to your site. Installation guidelines and specifications do change from municipality to municipality. There is plenty of information available and suggestions from fasteners to glue types all relating to Western Red Cedar. Having the proper game plan in place at this point is important to insure a high-quality final product for you or your customers to enjoy for years to come.

Timber Coating & Pre Stain Services

Please ask us if your Western Red Cedar can be pre-stained! Coastal Cedar Direct can apply a variety of timber coatings and wood stains to the cedar you purchase. We can suggest brands and procedures based on individual project needs. Each job and order has a specific cost related to pre-staining, ask us if it’s right for you.

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