Clear Western Red Cedar Siding Products

Clear Western Red Cedar Siding Products. From standard patterns to custom run profiles, we have the ability to get you materials to match or make your project stand out. We manufacture your standard V-Groove paneling as well as the out-of-the-ordinary profiles.

Clear Western Red Cedar Siding

Premium Tight Knot Siding Products

Western Red Cedar siding products with knots. Most of our profiles are available in a Premium Tight Knot grade. Savings and different characteristics are just a few of the benefits. These siding products are not just for the rustic home! Unique and steadily being used more when budget is tight but the beauty of wood siding is still required.

Western Red Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Roofing or Siding  with Western Red Cedar Shake & Shingle.  Here you will find our Cedar Shake and Shingle options. You can order this material raw or factory finished, we also offer fire treating and multiple species.

Material Finish Options

Not just smooth. Most of our siding products can be customized beyond just profile size and type, we offer some out of the ordinary finishes like wire brushed, sanded, and more. This is a very important step to consider if you will be factory finishing your material with a wood stain.

Not Just Cedar…

Timber Coatings and Pre-Stain Services.  We like to imagine a world where building materials are delivered on site ready to be installed shortly after. Our siding products can be coated at the factory, this means savings and quality finishing every time. We like to use high quality timber coatings and depending on the application offer multiple options.

Hardwood Ceiling Panelling for Interiors

Something New. Have a look at our custom line of Hardwood Ceiling Panels for your home needs or commercial spaces. Sold in specific lengths, you can have the deep grain appearance of Black Walnut in a panelized 1×6 format.